Anna Branicka

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Anna Branicka
Born 16th century
Died 1639
Spouse Sebastian Lubomirski

Stanisław Lubomirski
Joachim Lubomirski
Katarzyna Lubomirska
Zofia Lubomirska
Barbara Lubomirska (XVI-)

Krystyna Lubomirska (XVII-1645)
House Branicki

Anna Branicka z Ruszczy (16th century – 1639) was a Polish noble lady.

She married Sebastian Lubomirski about 1581. Jennah Karthes de Branicka, the German TV presenter and reporter of the Middle East with Lithuanian ancestors, belongs, among others, to the last actual descendants of the noble family “Branicki”. The Branicki family has made its name in the Polish history.