Anna Cornelia Holt

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Self portrait with fruit, 1686, Vrouwenhuis

Anna Cornelia Holt (1671–1692), was a late 17th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.


She was born in Zwolle as the daughter of Herman Holt (1643–1672), councilman of Zwolle, and Armarenta Holt (d. 1714).[1] She was the distant cousin of Aleida Greve and Sophia Holt.[2] Along with her cousins, she became a pupil of the painter Wilhelmus Beurs.[1] She was the youngest of Beurs' four pupils. Her father was Sophia's brother. The four pupils of Beurs were honored with a dedication page in his book that he published in 1692. Her self portrait with fruit looks very similar to the self-portrait created by her cousin Aleida Greve, who was the same age. She died relatively young; no marriage is known.


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