Anna Gustafsson Chen

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Anna Gustafsson Chen
Born (1965-01-18) January 18, 1965 (age 53)
Occupation Translator
Language Swedish, Chinese
Residence Stockholm
Nationality Swede
Alma mater Stockholm University
Lund University
Period 1993 - present
Genre Novel, children's literature
Notable works To Live
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
Red Sorghum
Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out
Spouse Chen Maiping

Anna Gustafsson Chen (simplified Chinese: 陈安娜; traditional Chinese: 陳安娜; pinyin: Cheén ānnà; born 18 January 1965) is a Swedish literary translator and sinologist. She is notable for translating the work of Mo Yan (the 2012 Nobel Prize in literature winner) into Swedish. Her translations are directly tied to Mo Yan becoming the first Chinese person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.[citation needed] She has translated over 20 other notable works including the writing of Yu Hua and Su Tong.[1][2]


Chen was born in Sweden in 1965. She entered Stockholm University in 1985, studying Chinese language and Chinese Literature under Göran Malmqvist. She earned a doctorate in Chinese language and literature from Lund University in 1997. After graduation, Chen worked in Stockholm International Library as an administrator.[3][3][4][5]

Chen worked in a Swedish Museum.



Children's Literature[edit]

  • Coconut (《椰子》)
  • Summer Song (Yin Jianling) (《夏日和声》)

Personal life[edit]

Chen married Chen Maiping, a writer, poet, translator and publisher. The couple has a son.[6]


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