Anna J. Cooper Circle

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Anna J. Cooper Circle
2008-10-13 10-40-39annacoopercircle.JPG
Anna J. Cooper Circle
LeDroit Park, Northwest, Washington, D.C.
Coordinates: 38°54′57.4″N 77°0′56.7″W / 38.915944°N 77.015750°W / 38.915944; -77.015750
Roads at
3rd Street NW
T Street NW
Type: Traffic circle
Maintained by: DDOT

Anna J. Cooper Circle is a traffic circle and park at the intersection of 3rd and T Streets, Northwest, in the historic LeDroit Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C.[1] In 1983, the circle was named in honor of Anna Julia Haywood Cooper (1858–1964), an author, educator, feminist, and influential African American scholar who once lived in LeDroit Park.[2]

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