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Anna Sophie Jobarteh (born 3 April 1996) is an English actress, best known for playing the role of Ruth Kirby on the British television series Waterloo Road.[1] She also played a role in thriller series Paradox in 2009, when she played the role of Dionne Hudson.[2] She starred as Christie in a show called Combat Kids on the CBBC Channel in 2010.

Ruth Kirby[edit]

Jobarteh's character Kirby first appeared in the show in September 2010, in the first episode of the sixth series. Ruth has a brother, Jonah Kirby, portrayed by Lucien Laviscount. Her father, Marcus Kirby (played by Wil Johnson) also works at the school as a Geography teacher. Ruth is a bright pupil with an attitude, and wastes no time in trying to get herself expelled from her new school, before deciding that it's the best place for her and her brother. Ruth and her family remained in the show and left at the end of the series.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Jobarteh lives with her parents in her hometown of Blackpool. As of February 2012 she was a student a Highfield Humanities College year 11. As of December 2012 she was attending a musical theatre course at Preston's College.

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