Anna Karenina (2013 TV series)

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Anna KareNina
Anna KareNina.png
Genre Romance
Comedic melodrama
Created by RJ Nuevas
Based on Anna Karenina (1996-2002)
Developed by RJ Nuevas
Written by Leilani Chavez
John Borgy Danao
Mary Rose Colindres
Directed by Gina Alajar
Gil Tejada, Jr.
Narrated by
  • Krystal Reyes as Anna
  • Barbie Forteza as Karen
  • Joyce Ching as Nina
Theme music composer Willy Cruz
Opening theme "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas"
sung by Rachelle Ann Go/La Diva
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 80 episodes
Executive producer(s) Rebya Upalda
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Original release June 3 (2013-06-03) – September 20, 2013 (2013-09-20)
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Anna Karenina (stylized as Anna KareNina) is a 2013 Philippine television drama series created by RJ Nuevas and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on Monday, June 3, 2013 on GMA Telebabad block, replacing Indio & Tuesday, June 4, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.[1] The series concluded its sixteen-week run on Friday, September 20, 2013, with a total of 80 episodes, and replaced by Kahit Nasaan Ka Man on its timeslot. The series features Krystal Reyes, Barbie Forteza, Joyce Ching and Thea Tolentino. It is based on the 1996 original television series of the same title under the production of Viva Television starring Antoinette Taus, Sunshine Dizon, Kim delos Santos and Tanya Garcia.


15 years after their adopted daughter Maggie went missing (and according to a private investigator had died), Don Xernan and Doña Carmela tried to search for their grand daughter, knowing only the name Maggie gave her: Anna Karenina, after her favorite book. In their search, three girls were found to have the name Anna Karenina: Anna, Karen and Nina, all of them having been adopted as babies from the same establishment Maggie was said to have given birth at. The three were invited to stay at the Monteclaro residence while they try to find out which of them is the real grand daughter of the Monteclaros.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Barbie Forteza portrays one of the three protagonists, Anna Karenina "Karen" Villarama Zamora (originally played by Sunshine Dizon)
Cast Character Character Information
Krystal Reyes Anna Karenina "Anna" Caluya Serrano / Anna Karenina "Anna" Monteclaro Anna is the simple and kind girl from a poor family. She is the protagonist despite knowing she is adopted, she truly cares for her adoptive mother and sister. She is very loyal and kindhearted, She initially did not want to live with the Monteclaro's, but when her adoptive mother was hospitalized, Anna was instructed by her adoptive sister Betty to return to the Monteclaro's to seek financial help for their mother's operation. Anna tries to be loyal to everyone around her and dislikes fighting. As she stays in the Monteclaro residence, Anna developed a friendship with Karen and Nina, while forming a bond with Doña Carmela. In the finale, it was revealed that she is the lost heiress of the Monteclaro, the true Anna Karenina Monteclaro.
Barbie Forteza Anna Karenina "Karen" Villarama Zamora Karen is a carefree, brave and strong-willed girl. She is the protagonist who was raised by a former club stripper. She and her mother were the most willing to stay in the Monteclaro's residence, where she believes she will find a family that will love her and change her life for the better. As she stays in the Monteclaro residence, Karen developed a friendship with Anna and Nina. She also forms a close bond to Don Xernan. In the finale, Karen is reunited with her lost biological mother, Alona, who is the fashion designer.
Joyce Ching Anna Karenina "Nina" Fuentebella Barretto Nina is the emotional, aloof, bitter and distrustful girl among the three. While she had lived a more comfortable life than the two, she was mostly neglected by her adoptive parents. She has an aversion to being touched by men as a result of her adoptive father's attempt to molest her. After discovering that she was adopted, she initially refused to meet the Monteclaro's, blaming them for her sufferings. She later runs to the Monteclaro's in search of her biological mother, who she believed had sent her away. While at first she viewed them as rivals, Nina eventually developed a friendship with Anna and Karen. In the finale, Nina's biological mother is revealed to be Abel's ex-lover, who is living in the overseas.
Thea Tolentino Maria Angela "Angel" dela Cruz / Fake Anna Karenina Monteclaro Angel is the daughter of Andres dela Cruz. When she was brought into the Monteclaro house, she became angry and jealous to Anna, Karen, and Nina. She was later proven not to be the real Anna Karenina, and she's having revenge on Ruth.

Supporting characters[edit]

Valerie Concepcion portrays the villain and antagonist, Ruth Monteclaro-Barretto Originally played by Maritoni Fernandez
Cast Character Character Information
Sandy Andolong Doña Carmela Cruz-Monteclaro The caring surrogate mother to Maggie. Despite being obedient to her husband in his duties, Carmela was willing to do what is right to support her adopted daughter Maggie. She is caring towards Anna because she reminds her of Maggie's kindness.
Juan Rodrigo Don Xernan Monteclaro The patriarch of the Monteclaro family. Xernan is a rich but choleric businessman who despises his adopted daughter Maggie. After her disappearance, he became guilty of his wrongdoings and decided to help his wife search for their granddaughter whom they had never met. After her arrival at the Monteclaro's residence with Anna and Nina, Karen became very close to Xernan, who reminded him of Maggie's happiness. Ruth, his niece, attempted to kill him but she never succeeded.
Valerie Concepcion Ruth Monteclaro-Barretto † She is the niece of Xernan Monteclaro and Maggie's cousin. The main villain and antagonist. Being selfish and jealous, Ruth began to take away Maggie's wealth that should belong to herself. She will do whatever it takes to prevent the Monteclaro's to find the real Anna Karenina Monteclaro. In the finale, she was shot to death by Monteclaro's guards after she shot Nina who spared and saved Carla.
Neil Ryan Sese Abel Barretto Ruth's kindhearted husband who once developed feelings to Maggie. He is intelligent and will do anything to help Xernan and Carmela find Maggie's daughter. Abel, along with Daisy, tries to search for clues on what happened to Maggie and to find out which of the three is the real Anna Karenina Monteclaro. He is the biological father of Nina. In the finale, he goes overseas to reunite with his ex-lover, who is actually Nina's biological mother. Also revealed he had an affair with Maggie.
Derrick Monasterio Aldrin Monteclaro Barretto The son of Ruth and Abel. Unlike his mother and sister, he is very kindhearted and shows concern for Anna, Karen, and Nina. Overtime, he develops strong feelings for Karen. He inherits his father's kindheartedness.
Hiro Peralta Brian A night student at Anna, Karen, and Nina's school who works as a school janitor. He is a protective friend to Nina, defending her from bullies. In the finale, his dream finally came true when he passed his entrance exam to study engineering course in a certain university.
Julian Trono Brix Manahan Brix is the son of Daisy and the godson of Abel and Ruth. He has feelings for Anna but since Carla also has a crush on him she tries to get into Anna and Brix's friendship/relationship.

Recurring characters[edit]

Yasmien Kurdi portrays Margarita "Maggie" Monteclaro / Elisa Caluya / Elisa "Alice" Cervantes originally played by Pinky Amador
Cast Character Character Information
Yasmien Kurdi Margarita "Maggie" Monteclaro / Elisa Caluya / Elisa "Alice" Cervantes-Vergara The adopted daughter of Xernan and Carmela Monteclaro. Maggie is later revealed to be alive and well; she volunteers at a "Help Center" for the poor and also lives there. She has stitches on her head indicating that she was hit on the head and developed amnesia. She is referred to as Alice by the elderly couple who took her in. She does not remember her true identity. In the finale, her name was reverted to Maggie Monteclaro and the biological mother of Anna.
Ana Roces Dahlia "Daisy" Manahan The supportive friend of Carmela and the mother of Brix. The best friend of Maggie. She all knows things about the family of hers and Monteclaro. Her father Fernan Manahan is against of her friendship with the Monteclaro's, for their safety.
Maybelyn Dela Cruz Anaida "Nayda" Serrano She is the kind and loving adoptive mother of Anna. Unlike Suzie and Brigette, she is the only adoptive mother not to be killed.
Maureen Larrazabal Susana "Suzie" Zamora † The optimistic and sociable adoptive mother of Karen. Suzie once worked as a former stripper at the club. She was stabbed to death by Kadyo after she caught him and his gang trying to steal from the mansion. She is the first adoptive mother to be killed followed by Brigette (Nina's mother) and ironically Brigette died 2 days after Suzie died.
Alicia Mayer Bridgitte Fuentebella † The irresponsible adoptive mother of Nina. After finding out that her husband Lucas tried to rape Nina, she started to become a kindhearted mother. She died in an ambulance after Kadyo killed her while she was protecting Nina. Unlike Suzie, Brigette was fatally shot to death.
Jhoana Marie Tan Carla Monteclaro Barretto She is the arrogant and jealous daughter of Abel and Ruth. Influenced by her mother, she is an antagonizing rival to Anna, Karen and Nina. Her biggest rival is Anna because both of them have a crush on Brix. She inherited her mother's "ruthlessness". In the finale, her life is saved by Nina from her mother's shot, then she finally accepts Nina as her half-sister and she becomes friends not just only her half-sister but also Anna and Karen as well.
Kathleen Hermosa Becky Serrano Anna's mean adoptive sister and the daughter of Nayda. She is jealous of her mother's love for Anna to the point that she wants to erase Anna from their lives.
Allan Paule Lucas Fuentebella Nina's abusive father and the husband of Bridgette who tried to rape her, causing Nina to have a trauma to adult men. He wants to take Nina away from the Monteclaro's and back to him, but failed by the one of the Mansion's guards.
Yul Servo Kadyo † He is Suzie's boyfriend, but he doesn't really have true feelings for her; he just uses her to get what he wants. Kadyo also abuses Karen and orders her around like a maid. Kadyo stabs and kills Suzie after she tries to stop him from robbing the Monteclaro house. He kidnaps Anna, Karen and Nina to trade for his brother's freedom. Along with his brother, Kadyo was shot by the police after kidnapping Nina and killed afterwards.

Other characters[edit]

Actor/Actress Character
Isabel Granada Alona Villarama [she appears in the final episode]
Gabriel Roxas Dindo / Dindi
Chromewell Prince Cosio Peter Calzado †
Dino Guevarra Andres dela Cruz / Fake Brent Dizon † (played the original Brian in the 1996 series)
Mymy Davao Onay
Rhen Escaño Geleen
Nicole Dulalia Candice
Yassi Pressman Jenna Vera
Teejay Marquez Benjie †
Alicia Alonzo Zenaida "Zeny" Cervantes
Sunshine Dizon Perlita Mendoza, a crossover character from Mundo Mo'y Akin. (played the original Karen in the 1996 series)
Shermaine Santiago Glenda
Aifha Medina Rochelle


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