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Anna Kuliscioff
Nunes Vais, Mario (1856-1932) - Anna Kuliscioff a Firenze (1908).jpg
Anna Kuliscioff (1908)
Died(1925-12-27)27 December 1925

Anna Kuliscioff (or Anna Kulischov, Kulisciov; Russian: Анна Кулишёва; born Anna Moiseyeva Rosenstein (Анна Моисеевна Розенштейн); 9 January 1857 – 27 December 1925) was a Jewish Russian revolutionary, a prominent feminist, an anarchist influenced by Mikhail Bakunin, and eventually a Marxist socialist militant; she was mainly active in Italy, where she was one of the first women graduated in Medicine.


Persecuted by the Imperial Russian authorities, Kulischov took refuge in Paris, where she met the Italian anarchist Andrea Costa, her first husband. After being expelled from France in 1878, she settled in Italy and became the editor of Critica Sociale, a major socialist paper, in 1891. An activist for causes such as women's suffrage, Anna Kulischov was tried and imprisoned on several occasions.

Her views on Marxism influenced Filippo Turati, who became her partner. Together, they contributed to the creation of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) as leaders of a reformist wing that came to oppose both Communism (causing the split of the new Italian Communist Party in 1921) and the irredentist attitudes of Benito Mussolini (who subsequently left the PSI). Their group was itself expelled from the PSI later in 1921, leading to the creation of a Unitary Socialist Party (PSU) – led by Turati, Kulischov, and Giacomo Matteotti in opposition to the emerging Fascism.

Partial works[edit]

  • Il monopolio dell'uomo: conferenza tenuta nel circolo filologico milanese, Milán, Critica sociale, 1894. (in Italian)
  • A. Kuliscioff, F. Turati, Il voto alle donne: polemica in famiglia per la propaganda del suffragio universale in Italia, Milán, Uffici della critica sociale, 1910. (in Italian)
  • Proletariato femminile e Partito socialista: relazione al Congresso nazionale socialista 1910, Milán, Critica sociale, 1910. (in Italian)
  • Donne proletarie, a voi...: per il suffragio femminile, Milán, Società editrice Avanti!, 1913. (in Italian)
  • Lettere d'amore a Andrea Costa, 1880-1909, Milán, Feltrinelli, 1976. (in Italian)



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