Yngsjö murder

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The victim, Hanna Johansdotter (1867–1889).
Hanna Johansdotter
The son, Per Nilsson (1862–1918).
Per Nilsson
The mother, Anna Månsdotter (1841–1890).
Anna Månsdotter
The victim (left) and her assailants—the husband (center) and mother-in-law (right).

The Yngsjö murder is the name of one of Sweden's most notable murder cases, which occurred on March 28, 1889 in Yngsjö, Skåne. Hanna Johansdotter (born 1867) was murdered by her husband Per Nilsson and his mother Anna Månsdotter. Both were sentenced to death for the murder, and Månsdotter became the last woman in Sweden to be executed.[1]


The murder was not only notable because of the deed itself, but also because it was revealed that the mother and son had an incestuous relationship. Anna Månsdotter was executed on the district jail grounds in Kristianstad on August 7, 1890 by executioner Albert Gustaf Dahlman. Per Nilsson was pardoned from his death sentence and was instead sentenced to hard labour for the rest of his life. He was however released in 1913 and died in 1918.[2]

In media[edit]

The Yngsjö murder has been portrayed in numerous films and books over the years:


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