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Anna Ohura
Born (1980-05-30) 30 May 1980 (age 35)[1]
Hokkaidō, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese/French
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)

Anna Ohura (大浦あんな Ōura Anna?) (born May 30, 1980) is a Japanese and French adult video (AV) actress and model, known for her very large (100-centimeter, metric I-cup) natural breasts.[2][3] In 2003, according to the Taipei Times, she claimed to have the largest breasts in the Japanese adult film industry.[4]

Early life[edit]

Anna Ohura was born in Hokkaidō,[5] to a French father and Japanese mother. She says that most people think she resembles her father.[6] She says that her grandmother is the person she most respects.[6]

Ohura is left-handed and has poor eyesight, usually wearing contact lenses.[6] According to her official biography, she enjoys drinking and smokes occasionally. She likes udon noodles, but dislikes soba noodles.[6] Her favorite subjects in school allegedly were social studies and Japanese, while English and mathematics were her worst.[6] As a child, she wished to become a comic book writer, and she has said if she had not gone into adult entertainment, she would like to have been an assistant to a comic book writer.[6]


The AV (adult video) companies in Japan can be divided into two groups: the "pro" companies, and the "indie" companies. The "pro" companies work with the Japan Software Morality Association, also known as "Sof-Rin", while the "indie" companies work outside of that organization.[7] Anna Ohura debuted at age nineteen with the "pro" AV company, Crystal-Eizou on their Venus label, in the 24 February 2000 release Delicious Juicy Fruit (たわわな果実 – Tawawana Kajitsu).[8]

Ohura's AV-acting style has been described as that of "a traditional Japanese porn star… In true Japanese fashion, Anna-chan acts demure and somewhat shy, even as she's willingly thrusting her chest out to be touched by a porn star, or opening her legs to receive cunnilingus."[7] After several more videos with Crystal-Eizou during her debut year, she also began working for Alice Japan in December 2000. Her first video for that company, Maximum Bust, featured cosplay, S&M, and bukkake.[9] She also made several videos with the "pro" company, TMA.

In 2002, Ohura appeared in a photo book focusing on bondage. During the shooting of this volume of photos, the photographer, "bondage master" Haruki Yukimura, suggested that he and Ohura make a video together. The result of this next Ohura/Yukimura collaboration was the September 2003 DVD, Secret Feelings, which Yukimura directed.[10] Ohura and Yukimura would team up for another bondage video, Big Tits Bondage for Cinemagic which was subsequently re-released by Cinemagic on a 2-video DVD compilation in March 2005.[11]

According to the JList website, in these "pro" videos Ohura's "amazing body and erotic style… won her many fans around the world."[7] As a sign of her international and mainstream fame, Ohura appeared in Taipei in 2003, where she was a highlight of an international furniture exposition.[4]

According to Peter Payne of JMate, critics have stated that the "indie" companies, working outside the "Sof-Rin" system, create a more interesting product. Not only do they have greater freedom, but they are also able to attract the better directors and performers. Ohura's debut with the "indie" label, Wanz Factory, was in the October 2003 DVD Super Angle of Oppai. This DVD was praised by comparing it with Ohura's work for "pro" studios, which were judged, "somewhat vanilla and boring, with straight sex and little innovation on the part of the creators." In contrast, Ohura "really shines in this great new indies release."[7]

Late September to early October 2003 marked both the release in quick succession of three videos – Tease Fetish Angle (September 26), Secret Feelings (September 30), and Super Angle of Oppai (October 1) – and Anna Ohura's retirement from the Adult Video industry, at 23 years of age. (The Wanz Factory's March 2004 release of Super Angle of Oppai Premium Edition added one hour of material to the original (October 2003) version, but the additional footage came from the same sessions as the material in the original version.)[7]

Partial filmography[edit]

Release date[12] Video Title Company Director Notes
2000-02-24 Tawawana Kajitsu
Crystal-Eizou Venus
Shin Kawakatsu Debut video
2000-04-13 Special Body TYPE-G
スペシャルボディ TYPE-G
Crystal-Eizou Venus
Kyosuke Murayama
2000-06-08 Beautiful Super Cup Menu
Crystal-Eizou Venus
Takumi Iwasaki
2000-11-09 Gigantic Breasts Explosion: Breasts Grand Prix
巨乳×爆乳 Grand Prix
Crystal-Eizou Venus
Compilation of previous videos VN-09, VN-17, and VN-24
2000-11-23 (VHS)
2001-07-25 (DVD)
Heartful Summer
BHD17-08 (DVD)
Tomomitsu Watanabe Softcore debut
2000-12-29 Maximum Bust
マキシマム バスト
Alice Japan
Yuji Sakamoto
2001-02-17 A Class Breast Attack
Crystal-Eizou Grace
Kyosuke Murayama
2001-03-31 Hold On Me
Tomomitsu Watanabe Second softcore release
2001-02-17 A Class Breast Attack DX 2
A級乳犯 DX 2
various Compilation DVD with scenes from the A Class Breast Attack series of videos from Anna Ohura, Marina Matsushima, and Youko Takashima
2001-10-20 (VHS)
2001-11-20 (DVD)
Ai Wo Kudasai (Give Me Love)
Take Shobo
BV-11143 (VHS)
TSDV-11807 (DVD)
Mr.M.B Third (and final) softcore release
2001-10-11 Complete Bust Crystal-Eizou Venus
Piroshi Kouenji Compilation of previous Crystal-Eizou releases
2002-02-22 The Bubbly Heaven / The Contrary Soap Heaven
Alice Japan Babylon
Shigeo Katsuyama
2002-05-21 Ultra Boing V&R Planning Vogue
Innjean Koga
2002-07-19 Anna With a Change of Costume
2003-01-16 Little Mermaid—Introduction to S&M
人魚姫 初めての
Sunset Color
Bondage debut—companion to January 1, 2003 photobook, "人魚姫--Bondage Papaya"
2003-01-21 B+B Maria Yumeno and Anna Ohura
B+B 夢野まりあと大浦あんな
V&R Planning
various Compilation; contains Anna Ohura's "Ultra Boing"
2003-07-18 Big Tits Bondage
CineMagic Jou
Haruki Yukimura
2003-09-12 Bubbly Heaven Special Charter 7 Alice Japan Babylon
Usagi Kanda Compilation of scenes from "Bubbly Heaven" series
With Mizuno Haruki, Ai Kurosawa, Asuka Ozora & Saori Kamiya
2003-09-26 Big Tits Fetish Angle
TMA Works
2003-09-30 Secret Feelings
大浦あんな 秘めた想い
Haruki Yukimura Bondage
2003-10-01 Super Angle of Oppai
超-巨乳のアングル 大浦あんな
Wanz Factory
2004-03-01 Super Angle of Oppai Premium Edition
超-巨乳のアングル [プレミアムカット版] 大浦あんな
Wanz Factory
Expanded version (from 2 to 3 hours) of Super Angle of Oppai
2004-08-06 The Nonstop Uniform Idol 2 Hours
THE NONSTOP制服アイドル2時間
TMA Works
Compilation with several other actresses
2005-01-14 Action! Huge Tits Girls 4 Hours!!
Alice Japan
various Compilation with Megu Goto, Reika & Ayumi Sakurai; contains Anna Ohura's "Maximum Bust"
2005-03-25 Big Tits Restrict
Haruki Yukimura
Kenji Hayami
Compilation DVD containing scenes from the Big Tits Bondage series of videos from Ohura and Ayami Sakurai


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