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Anna Raeburn
Anna Raeburn appearing on "After Dark", 23 September 1989.jpg
Anna Raeburn appearing on Channel 4 programme After Dark in 1989
Born (1944-04-03) 3 April 1944 (age 75)
Middlesbrough, England
Occupationbroadcaster and journalist

Anna Raeburn (born 3 April 1944) is a British broadcaster and journalist who is known for her role as an "agony aunt", giving advice on relationships and more general life problems. As a broadcaster, she has worked for Capital Radio, LBC and the original Talk Radio. She currently writes the weekly blog 'Annalog'.[1]

Early life[edit]

Raeburn went to the all-girls Kirby Grammar School in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, north Yorkshire. She moved to London aged 17.


She worked for Cosmopolitan.[2]


Raeburn has a unique style of broadcasting, frequently using voice modulation to enhance the listening experience. Raeburn is quoted on LBC 97.3 as saying "it's radio; let the words create the picture".

Raeburn built her reputation in the 1970s and 1980s on a popular late night problem phone-in show on Capital Radio, called Anna And The Doc. The journalist Vincent Graff said of the show: “If you were a baffled teenager trying to find your way in the world, Anna and the Doc gave you the roadmap.”[3] She also had an afternoon advice show on Talk Sport in the late 1990s.[4] In the early 1990s, Raeburn presented an afternoon show on LBC Crown FM. In 2006, she returned to the station's current incarnation - LBC 97.3 - in the same slot.[4] The show primarily featured listeners ringing in with everyday problems to which Raeburn, often with the assistance of a professional guest, applied her life philosophy in an effort to guide them to a solution.

Her show was usually in two parts; the first would be guest interviews on psychosocial issues and/or associated book reviewing, followed by a phone-in to advise and guide listeners as a "professional friend". Raeburn often took time after shows to further engage with those who e-mailed or called in, to ensure they had support information and were clear on what options were available to them.

From January 2007, as part of the new year shake-up, Raeburn's show moved an hour later to 2-4pm as a new lifestyle, health and well-being show, presented by Jim Davis preceding her.

Raeburn presented her last show on LBC 97.3 on 3 August 2007. She had been expected to return in September, but the station announced that her afternoon slot would be rested. Raeburn is not expected to return to the station in the near future. Her slot was reallocated, to Jeni Barnett [5] who was later replaced herself.[6]


She co-wrote the television series Agony, starring Maureen Lipman. Raeburn has also been a critic on the ITV1 daytime show Mum's on Strike since 2005.

Personal life[edit]

She married Michael Raeburn in 1978 and Nigel Lilley in 1981 with whom she has a son.[2]


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