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Anna Rosa Parker is an American writer and a former actress. She's a script and content writer who specializes in developing unique identities for clients in the hospitality, travel, fashion, interior design, art, beauty, and other lifestyle industries, from Iceland to Seattle to New York.


Anna Rosa Parker attended the University of Washington and was an active member in the Drama department. With her work as an actor as an artistic base, she then began writing plays. One of her plays, Fair Play was produced by the School of Drama at the University of Washington in 2008. Another play, Eat the Chicken was produced in 2006 at the Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre in Seattle. In 2004, Plums in New York, was performed and produced by Parker at Theatre Row Off-Broadway.

Her first play, Scandinavian Abstract Jazz, was presented at Seattle's Mae West Fest in 2002. On September 2, 2009, she started, a personal blog where she shares fabulous and wicked things in life. Its content is focused mainly on lifestyle.


As for Anna Rosa's personal life, she is married to Shanga Parker who is an actor and a professor at the New York University.


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