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Anna Rosling Rönnlund (born July 4, 1975) is a Swedish designer who, with her husband Ola Rosling, developed Trendalyzer,[1] interactive software for visualizing statistical information.[2] After Trendalyzer was sold to Google in 2007, the couple continued work on its development until August 2010.

In 2005, together with statistician and father-in-law Hans Rosling, she co-founded the Gapminder Foundation,[3] where she serves as vice president for design and usability. In 2016, she announced Dollar Street, a website that imagines a street of homes to help visualize how people of varying cultures & incomes live around the world.[4]

In 2017, she spoke at the TED conference where she explained the power of Data visualization.[5]

In 2018, she collaborated with Hans Rosling for his book titled Factfulness alongside Ola Rosling.[6]


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