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For the British presenter, journalist and broadcaster, see Anna Richardson.

Anna Caroline Ryder Richardson (born 29 January 1964[1]), is a British interior designer and television presenter. She is known for being a designer on the BBC shows Changing Rooms, House Invaders and Staying Put and for her role in CBBC's Hider in the House, along with Cameron Biswas. She runs Manor House Wildlife Park wildlife park in Pembrokeshire.


Anna Ryder Richardson was born in Swansea in 1964. Her father was a Malaysian student, and her mother Welsh. At six weeks of age, she was adopted by Colin and Jill Ryder Richardson, and raised in Surrey with her adopted sister Sarah. Her adoptive father, Colin, was a wartime Evacuee who survived the sinking of the SS City of Benares by a German U-Boat.[citation needed]

After an early career in modeling, she became a fitness instructor. She then managed children's interior shop Squidy Things, where she started designing and decorating children's bedrooms, which launched a career as an interior designer.[citation needed]

In 2008 she purchased Manor House Wildlife Park, St Florence, near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, and kept a video diary of its redevelopment which was made into the 2008 TV movie Chaos at the Zoo.[2]

In March 2012, it was announced that Richardson and her husband were to be prosecuted over alleged breaches of health and safety legislation following an accident at their zoo in which a mother and child were injured by a falling branch.[3] Subsequently charges against her were dropped but her husband and the zoo pleaded guilty to four charges and were fined a total of £74,000.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Richardson is married to Colin MacDougall.[4]



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