Anna Ulyanova

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Anna Ulyanova
Anna Yelizarova.jpg
Anna Ilyinichna Ulyanova

26 August [O.S. 14 August] 1864
Died19 October 1935(1935-10-19) (aged 71)

Anna Ilyinichna Yelizarova-Ulyanova (Russian: Анна Ильинична Елизарова-Ульянова; 26 August [O.S. 14 August] 1864, Nizhny Novgorod – 19 October 1935, Moscow) was a Russian revolutionary and a Soviet politician. The older sister of Vladimir Lenin and of Maria Ilyinichna Ulyanova, she married Mark Yelizarov (1863-1919), who became Soviet Russia's first People's Commissar for Transport (in office, 1917–1918).

In 2011 the State Historical Museum in Moscow put on display a 1932 letter from Anna to Joseph Stalin, in which she reveals that Lenin's maternal grandfather was a Jewish native of Zhitomir who converted in order to leave the Pale of Settlement. She asked Stalin to make this publicly known in order to counter increasing anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union at the time, but he refused and told her to keep the matter secret.[1]


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