Anna of Masovia

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Anna of Masovia
Titular Duchess of Masovia
Anna Odrowąż.jpg
Anna of Masovia as the final Masovian Piast
Spouse(s) Stanisław Odrowąż
Noble family House of Piast
Father Konrad III of Masovia
Mother Anna Radziwiłł
Born c.1498
Died after 26 January 1557, Jarosław

Anna of Masovia (c. 1498 – after 26 January 1557 in Jaroslaw) was Princess of Mazovia and a member of the House of Piast. She was the last representative of the line of Masovian-Piast.

She was the second daughter of Konrad III of Masovia and Anna Radziwiłł. She was sister of Dukes Janusz III of Masovia and Stanislaus of Masovia. Her sister was Sophia, who married Stephen VII Báthory.[1]


The Last Masovian Piasts: Janusz (left), Stanisław (centre) and Anna (right)

After the death of her brother Janusz III, a group of the powerful nobles at the Masovian court attempted to maintain a legal separation of Masovia. In 1526 this ruled against the incorporation of the district and announced Anna as Duchess, the last representative of the family; however, her elder sister Sophia was still alive at the time. Resistance against the incorporation of these nobles, largely caused by their fear of losing their significance after joining the duchy to the Crown, fueled by political forces interested in maintaining the status of fiefdoms. In this state Masovia would be united in resistance against the Crown and would also have encouraged the House of Habsburg (in comparison with the Polish rivalry for influence in Moldova).

In 1536 Anna concluded a marriage with Stanisław Odrowąż. But the king refused to return their goods in return for 10 000 ducats. This caused conflict with the bride and groom with Sigismund I the Old. He led to the deprivation of his offices in Odrowaza. The dispute ended with the parliament in 1537, which forced Anna and her husband to take an oath before the king, the renunciation of the hereditary rights of Masovia and the estate for the benefit of crown.

After leaving Masovia, Anna settled in Odrowąż[disambiguation needed]. By the rest of her life was spent mostly at the castle in Jarosław, where in approximately 1540 she had her only child, Sophia.

Anna died and was buried in Jarosław.

She was the ancestor of Marie Leszczyńska who became Queen consort of France by her marriage to Louis XV of France.