Anna of Sagan

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Anna of Sagan
Karol I Podiebradowicz.jpg
The tomb of Charles I of Münsterberg-Oels and Anna of Sagan
Died 1541
Noble family House of Piast
Spouse(s) Charles I, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels
Father Jan II the Mad
Mother Catherine of Opava

Anna of Sagan (Polish: Anna żagańska, Czech: Anna Zaháňská, also Hlohovsko-Zaháňská or Zaháňsko-Hlohovská) was the last surviving member of the Hlohovsko-Zaháňský branch of the Silesian Piasts family, and by marriage duchess of Münsterberg and Oels.

She was the daughter of Prince Jan II the Mad. In 1488 she married Duke Charles I of Münsterberg-Oels, with whom she had twelve children:

  1. Henry (* / † 1497)
  2. Anna (1499–1504)
  3. Catherine (1500–1507)
  4. Margareta (1501–1551), married to Jan Zajíc of Hasenburg
  5. Joachim (1503–1562), Bishop of Brandenburg
  6. Kunhuta (1504–1532), married to Christopher Cernohorsky of Boskowitz
  7. Ursula Vorsila (1505–1539), married to Jerome of Bieberstein
  8. Henry II (1507–1548), Duke of Münsterberg-Oels
  9. Hedwig (1508–1531), married in 1525 George of Brandenburg-Ansbach
  10. John (1509–1565), Duke of Münsterberg-Oels
  11. Barbara (1511–1539), Abbess in Strzelin near Oleśnica
  12. George II (1512–1553), married to Elizabeth Kostka of Postupitz

She died in 1541 and was buried alongside her husband in the parish church of St. Anna in Frankenstein.


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