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Annaclara Cataldi Palau is an Italian palaeographer specialising in Greek mediaeval and renaissance palaeography and history of the book.


Annaclara Cataldi was born in Genoa and studied Classics in the University of Genoa, then she lived several years in Paris and studied Greek palaeography at the Sorbonne. Her studies there culminated in a ‘Doctorat’ in Greek Palaeography. In 1994 she was commissioned to catalogue the Greek manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. She now occupies a chair at King's College London.

In palaeography she proposed new criteria to distinguish 8th-century manuscripts from those of the 9th century: the development of accentuation and the regularity of the accentuation suggest a date in the 9th century; while abundant colourful decoration is uncharacteristic of the eighth century. Rich ornamentation is infrequent in 8th-century manuscripts, which mostly have uncomplicated initials.


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