Annaheim meteorite

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Type Iron
Structural classification Medium octahedrite
Group IAB-sLL[1]
Country Canada
Region Saskatchewan, Canada
Coordinates 52°24′00″N 104°51′00″W / 52.40000°N 104.85000°W / 52.40000; -104.85000Coordinates: 52°24′00″N 104°51′00″W / 52.40000°N 104.85000°W / 52.40000; -104.85000
Observed fall Yes
Fall date January 21, 1914 (?)
Found date July 30, 1916
TKW 13.4 kilograms (30 lb)[1]

Annaheim is an iron meteorite[1] recovered in 1916 in Canada.


The meteorite was discovered by a farmer, William Huiras, in his field.[2][3] It was linked to a fireball reported in the area in 1914.


It is a medium octahedrite, IAB-sLL.


Measuring 30 centimetres (12 in) by 15 centimetres (5.9 in), it is now held by the Canadian Meteorite Collection, in Ottawa.

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