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LP Vinyl Records Cover
Directed by Devaraj Mohan
Produced by P. Thamizharasi
Written by Panju Arunachalam
Starring Sivakumar
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography A. Somasundaram
Edited by B. Kandasamy
S. P. T. Films
Release dates
14 May 1976
Country India
Language Tamil
Box office Rs. 1.5 crore

Annakili is a 1976 Tamil language film. It was directed by Devaraj Mohan. It was also notable for being Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja's first film.[1] The soundtrack to the film was a major success.[2][3] The film reportedly had a "South Indian rural theme", shot in a village Thengumarahada [1][4] and like later films, many of Ilayaraja's songs "fused Tamil folk music with Western classical and South Indian Carnatic music."[5]

The film was a blockbuster and completed a 196-day run at the box office.



Film score by Illayaraja
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 23:54
Label EMI
The Gramaphone Company of India Limited
  • Annakili Unnai - S.Janaki
  • Machaana Pathingala - S.Janaki
  • Muththu Muththa(Adi Raakayee) - S. Janaki
  • Annakili (M) -TM Soundarajan
  • Sontham Illai - P Susheela


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