Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse

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The Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse (AFST) is an international peer reviewed scientific journal, in the domain of mathematics research. Its ISSN is 0240-2963.

AFST publishes high level articles and surveys written in English or in French, in all fields of mathematics research. The Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse is responsible of AFST, and designates an international editorial board.

AFST is edited with the help of the Centre de diffusion de revues académiques mathématiques (CEDRAM). Old volumes are freely accessible electronically on Numdam.


AFST was founded in 1887 by H. Andoyer, B. Baillaud, G. Berson, T. Chauvin, E. Cosserat, A. Destrem, C. Fabre, A. Legoux, P. Sabatier, T.-J. Stieltjes. At the origin, AFST was multidisciplinary. The present version corresponds to the Mathematics original section. AFST contains several papers published by great mathematicians.

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