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Anne Arundel County Police Department
Abbreviation AACOPD
MD - Anne Arundel County Police.png
Patch of the Anne Arundel County Police Department
Seal of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.png
Seal of Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Flag of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.png
Flag of Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Agency overview
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* State of Maryland, USA
Map of Maryland highlighting Anne Arundel County.svg
Map of Anne Arundel County Police Department's jurisdiction.
Size 588 square miles (1,500 km2)
Population 510,878 (2005)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Millersville , Maryland
Agency executive Timothy J. Altomare, Chief Of Police
Parent agency Steven Schuh County Executive
AACP Website
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, serving a population of more than 555,743 per 2013 census 588 square miles (1,500 km2) of jurisdiction. The Department was created by an Act of the Maryland General Assembly in 1937, and originally consisted of a Chief of Police, three sergeants, and seventeen patrolmen.

As of 2017 the department is staffed by approximately 725 sworn officers plus 203 civilian members, including chaplains, crime scene technicians, animal control officers, communications call-takers and dispatchers, and volunteer "reserve officers" under the leadership of Chief of Police, Timothy J. Altomare. The Anne Arundel County Police Department has been internationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies since July 30, 1994.

Rank structure[edit]

The Anne Arundel County Police Department operates as a para-military organization using these sworn personnel ranks:

Title Insignia
Chief of Police
Deputy Chief
MPDC Sergeant Stripes.png
MPDC Corporal Stripes.png
Police First Class
First Class Stripes - Blue w-White.png
Police Officer


Anne Arundel County Police have a diverse fleet of marked and unmarked vehicles including the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Caprice, Dodge Durango, and Chevrolet Impala. As of 2015, all new patrol vehicles are either Ford Police Interceptors, and Ford Police Interceptor SUVs. Motorcycles are supplied by Harley Davidson and most recently BMW. The color scheme on marked vehicles was of a two toned blue between mid 2000 and 2014. The top half of vehicles were light blue and the bottom half were dark blue. This paint scheme was used in the 1960s-1970s before the color of vehicles were changed to the more visible white with blue stripe. The colors were eventually changed back to the two toned scheme in mid 2000. In 2014, the color scheme was changed to all black as a cost-saving measure for all new vehicles.

The agency also utilizes a number of different vehicle models for covert operations and traffic enforcement.


The Anne Arundel County Police Department is divided into four police districts, Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern. The Northern District Station is located in Brooklyn Park, Eastern District in Pasadena, Western District in Odenton, and Southern District in Edgewater. Additional facilities are the Police Department Headquarters in Millersville, the Special Operations Division Complex in Millersville, the K-9 center in Millersville, the Criminal Investigation Division in Crownsville and the Police Training Academy in Davidsonville. The agency also has several sub-stations at various locations throughout the county, including one at Arundel Mills Mall.

Community relations[edit]

The section provides community service-oriented support in the areas of crime prevention and community relations, provides a variety of educational and community-based recreational youth programs and oversees the department’s volunteer program and the Office of the Chaplain. The section serves as a direct liaison with community groups to foster a better working relationship between the department and the communities.

Crime prevention[edit]

Through its Crime Prevention Unit, the section provides support and subject matter expertise in the area of crime prevention and avoidance. It conducts crime avoidance surveys for businesses and residences, and oversees neighborhood watch programs. The Crime Prevention Unit also manages the department’s volunteer Reserve Officer program, the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program, and the Office of the Chaplain. The Office of the Chaplain provides counseling and spiritual support to Department employees.

Special operations[edit]

N154PD Anne Arundel County Helicopter in 2002
N309LW Bell 407 Anne Arundel County Police Helicopter in 2015

The Special Operations Division includes the Quick Response Team (QRT/SWAT TEAM), K-9 Unit, Traffic Safety Section, and Aviation Unit. QRT provides tactical support for a variety of department activities including high-risk warrant service, selective patrol and narcotics operations, dignitary protection, and response to hostage, barricade, and terrorist incidents.

The Aviation Unit provides aerial tactical support of ground units including traffic enforcement, aerial observation and pursuits, missing persons, search and rescue, tactical patrol operations, and extraordinary police incidents.


Anne Arundel County operates an 800 MHz trunked radio system for all county police, fire and DPW communications. Broadcasts are currently digital communications.



Prior to the transition to the current Sig handguns in the late 90's, officers were issued the 9mm Beretta 92F. Officers are currently issued the .40 caliber SIG Sauer 229 with their choice of either the DAK or SRT triggers

Long guns[edit]

Officers are permitted to carry personally owned Remington 870 shotguns. AR-15 rifles are issued on a limited basis but officers are permitted to carry personally owned AR-15 rifles as long as they meet Department specifications.[1]


The ASP expandable baton and O.C. spray are issued to all officers. "Less lethal" beanbag shotguns and X26 Tasers are issued on a limited basis.

Past chiefs[edit]

  • John Souers 1937-1951
  • Daniel Bratton 1951-1954
  • Wilbur Wade 1954-1962
  • Edward King 1962-1964
  • Elmer Hagner 1964-1969
  • Edward Praley 1969-1974
  • Ashley Vick 1974-1979
  • Maxwell Frye 1979-1983
  • William Lindsey 1983-1986
  • George Wellham 1986-1991
  • Robert Russel 1991-1994
  • Robert Beck 1994-1997
  • Larry Tolliver 1997-1998 (Former Superintendent, Maryland State Police)
  • Patrick Shanahan 1998-2006
  • James Teare, Sr. 2006–2012
  • Larry Tolliver, 2012- 2013
  • Kevin Davis, 2013–2014
  • Timothy J. Altomare, 2014–Present

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