Anne Beechey

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Anne Beechey
Anne Phyllis Beechey nee Jessop.jpg
Anne Phyllis Jessop

3 August 1764
Died14 December 1833
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Known forpainting
Spouse(s)William Beechey

Anne Beechey or Lady Beechey; Anne Phyllis Jessop (3 August 1764 – 14 December 1833) was a British portrait painter.


Beechey was born in Thorpe St Andrew near Norfolk in 1764. Her name was Anne Jessop. She developed a successful portrait business and she met William Beechey who also a painter. William was in Norwich between 1782 and 1787 and it presumed they met at that time. In 1787 she exhibited works at the Royal Academy as "Miss A. P. Jessup"(sic).[1]

William was a widower in 1793 with five children as his first wife, Mary Ann, had died.[1]

Beechey married William also in 1793.[1] Beechey continued to exhibit at the Royal Academy from 1795 to 1805. She used the name as Mrs Beechey until 1799 when she was able to use the name Lady Beechey. During this ten year period she had five step children to care for and her own first child. In addition she gave birth to another six children. After 1805 she had another eight children making 16 of her own and five step children.[1]

Her 16 children:

  1. Ann Phyllis Beechey (1794–December 1883)
  2. Frederick William Beechey (1796–1856), Royal Navy captain, geographer, politician
  3. George Duncan Beechey (1798–1852), painter
  4. Anna Dodsworth Beechey (born 1800)[2][3]
  5. William Nelson Beechey (3 August 1801 – 1 August 1878)
  6. Charlotte Earl Beechey (3 August 1801 – 28 November 1849)
  7. Alfred Beechey (born 24 June 1803)
  8. St. Vincent Beechey (1806–1899), clergyman
  9. Richard Brydges Beechey (1808–1895), painter and admiral in the British navy
  10. Jane Henrietta Frances Beechy (born 19 December 1809)
  11. Augusta Beechey (born 1812)
  12. Fredericka Anne Beechey (born 1814)
  13. William Ernest Beechey (born 1816)
  14. Frances Beechey (born 1818)
  15. Phyliss Beechey (born 1820)
  16. a daughter S. R. Beechey (born 1822)

Their children included a high number of notable painters. Beechey died in Harley Street.[1]


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