Anne DeMarinis

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Anne DeMarinis
GenresAlternative rock, indie, classical
Occupation(s)Musician, Art designer
InstrumentsAccordion, keyboards, vocals, guitar, percussion, oberheim, synclavier, synthesizer
Associated actsDave Soldier
Steven Elson
Michael Davis
Robert Een
Dave Van Ronk
George Cartwright
Kurt Hoffman
Laurie Anderson
Glenn Branca
Sonic Youth
Lee Ranaldo
Thurston Moore

Anne DeMarinis is an American musician and artist. She is a former member of Sonic Youth.

Sonic Youth[edit]

Anne DeMarinis was in the alternative rock band Sonic Youth, for a very brief period in 1981 as a keyboardist. She contributed vocals, along with Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore, on three (known) Sonic Youth songs performed once, and only live on June 18, 1981. The songs are entitled "Noisefest #1", "Noisefest #2", and "Noisefest #3". She also played guitar at that same show on the song entitled "Noisefest #4". She left the band before their self-titled debut EP was recorded in December 1981.

Other works[edit]

DeMarinis has also designed album covers.

In 1981, she appeared on the Just Another Asshole compilation. Many of her other band mates from Sonic Youth appear on that album as well.

Anne also appears on Glenn Branca's instrumental album Symphony No. 1. She is credited for keyboards, and percussion and as a co-producer. Thurston Moore, and Lee Ranaldo also appear on this album.

In 1981 she founded the band Inteference with David Linton and Michael Brown.

She also appears on Ten Roir Years, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo appear on this album as well.

She also works with Laurie Anderson on her album's United States Live, and Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology.

She appears on the cover compilation album Live at the Knitting Factory: Downtown Does the Beatles, she plays the accordion on this album.

In 1993, she plays accordion Kurt Hoffman's Band of Weeds.

She plays accordion on the album Dot by George Cartwright.

In 1994, she is credited for playing accordion on the album To All My Friends in Far-Flung Places by Dave Van Ronk.

She is credited on two of Robert Een's albums Big Joe (1995), and Mr.Jealousy (1998).

Anne is credited as the "Art Director" on Michael Davis' album Trumpets Eleven, and on his album Brass Nation.

She plays the accordion, and is also the art director on the album Smoke and Mirrors by Steven Elson.

In 2006, she appears on Dave Soldier's Chamber Music CD.


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