Anne E. DeChant

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Anne E. DeChant
Origin Avon Lake, Ohio, United States
Genres Folk rock
Years active 1992 - Present
Labels Funny Man Music
Associated acts Odd Girl Out

Anne E. DeChant is an American rock singer/songwriter/guitarist based in the Cleveland area. Her career began with the promising band Odd Girl Out in the early 1990s before releasing her first solo project in 1996. Since then, she won regional awards and opened for top-10 pop groups, while poising herself for a national break.


With Alexis Antes and Victoria Fliegel, Odd Girl Out enjoyed a niche following, particularly on the college scene.[1] The band got airplay on,[2] and support from, commercial radio stations in the Cleveland market, shortly before media deregulation and consolidation made the practice less common.

In July 1997, Anne E. DeChant officially released her first solo album, with a more mainstream sound, but departing a bit from her folk roots. In the following years, she developed a loyal following and dominated local music polls, by reaching out to her audience through political lyrics and an approachable persona.

Since she continues to write, she releases an album about every two years, with progressively bigger producers. Meantime, she has an active show schedule hovering around the Cleveland and Nashville areas, and regularly tours other states to build on her fan base. According to her web site, she has performed at such colorful venues as Lilith Fair, at the White House, and on Olivia Cruise Lines.


DeChant writes her share of heart-felt songs of heart ache and heartbreak. However, many of her most popular tracks are about social justice issues. Examples include Girls and Airplanes (gender equality), Green Hand (supporting troops post-war), Swastika (Holocaust denial), 25 (imbalance in economic status), and Second Class Citizen (prejudice and intolerance toward the gay community).

Virtually all her songs feature singing and guitar-playing. As such, she regularly includes guitarist Matt Sobol and backup vocalist Kelly Wright, for a distinctly intimate acoustic-folk feel. Naturally, at full-band shows, the louder songs reach their potential as pop rock tunes.

Album discography[edit]

  • Odd Girl Out: Live in Concert (1990, live CD, with Odd Girl Out)
  • Effort of the Spin (1996, CD)
  • Something of the Soul (2000, CD)
  • Live: An Evening with Anne E. DeChant (2001, live, CD)
  • Pop the Star (2004, CD) produced by Don Dixon, Cleveland
  • Girls and Airplanes (2006, CD) produced by Andy Ackland, San Diego
  • One Voice One Guitar (2007, Christmas CD) produced by Dark Tree Studios, Cleveland
  • One Voice One Guitar Vol 2 (2008, CD) produced by Toy Box Studios, Nashville
  • Swing (2011, CD) produced by Bill Warner, Nashville
  • The Sun Coming In (2015, CD) produced by Mike Severs, Nashville



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