Anne Frank: The Biography

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Anne Frank: The Biography
Anne frank biography.jpg
Author Melissa Müller
Original title Das Mädchen Anne Frank
Country Germany
Language German
Genre Biography
Published 1998 Paul List Verlag
Media type Paperback
Pages 330 pp (paperback)
ISBN 0-8050-5997-0
OCLC 42369449
940.53/18/092 B 21
LC Class DS135.N6 F7349713 1999

Anne Frank: The Biography is the first full biography of Holocaust diarist Anne Frank. Written by Melissa Müller it was initially published in 1998 in Germany. The book was the basis for the mini-series Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001).[1]


Anne Frank was born on 12 June 1929 to a lower or middle class Jewish family in Frankfurt, Germany who feels the early threats of Nazism as Hitler rises to power in 1933. Soon her family emigrates to the Netherlands where Anne enjoys an idyllic life centered on school, socializing, boys and sleepovers. However, the situation changes quickly once Germany invades the Netherlands in May 1940. The family is soon forced to go into hiding with another family at the back building of the family business. While there Anne faithfully keeps a diary describing everyday situations and her thoughts and beliefs. After two years and one month they are betrayed by still unknown parties and sent to concentration camps where they all perish with the exception of Anne's father, Otto Frank. The book ends with an afterword by one of the women who hid them.

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