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For other people with the same name, see Anne Green.

Anne Green (born 1891, Savannah, Georgia, d. 1979, Paris)[1] was an American writer and translator, the sister of Julien Green.[2] While a child, Green's parents moved to France, where her father, ruined by a financial crisis and poor investments, came to settle. She spent her childhood in Le Havre, before her parents moved to Paris, where her brother Julien was born. She and her brother both participated in World War I, in which she volunteered as an ambulance driver.[3]

Her best known work is the 1948 With Much Love, a fictionalized account of her childhood memories. She wrote fifteen novels and several volumes of short stories, most in her native English.[4] She collaborated with her brother Julien in translating works by other authors, such as Charles Péguy, as well as his own works.



  • The Selbys, 1930.
  • Reader, I Married Him, 1931.
  • Marietta, 1932.
  • A Marriage of Convenience, 1933.
  • Fools Rush in, 1934.
  • That Fellow Perceval, 1935.
  • 16 Rue Cortambert, 1937.
  • The Delamer Curse, 1940.
  • Just before Dawn, 1943.
  • With Much Love, Harper & Row (1948) (published as Mes Jours Évanouis, literal translation, My Vanished Days, Plon, Paris) (1951) (translated from the English by Marie Canavaggia)[5]
  • La Porte des songes, 1969.



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