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Anne Koedt (born 1941 in Denmark [1]) is a United States radical feminist and New York-based author of The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm,[2] the classic feminist work on women's sexuality.[3] She was connected to the group New York Radical Women and was a founding member on October 3, 1969 of New York Radical Feminists in the group's first consciousness-raising and organizing group, The Stanton-Anthony Brigade, with Shulamith Firestone, Diane Cruthers and Minda Bikman among others.[4] Koedt became the editor of Notes From the Third Year replacing Shulamith Firestone in 1972. Some feminist groups felt that the more radical feminist positions that had been previously included were edited out of this third edition.[5]

Koedt's December 1969 Politics of the Ego, A Manifesto for New York Radical Feminists was first published in Notes from the Second Year and later in her anthology Radical Feminism.[6] A several page excerpt from this manifesto continued to be circulated as part of the 1976 "Introduction to New York Radical Feminists" pamphlet until the NYRF post office box closed in 1989.

Selected works[edit]