Anne Rhys, 7th Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo

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Anne Maud Rhys, 7th Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo, known in the United Kingdom as Lady Anne Maud Rhys (née Wellesley; 2 February 1910 – 1998), was a British aristocrat, a noblewoman in the Spanish nobility, and socialite.

Anne was the eldest child and only daughter of Arthur Wellesley, 5th Duke of Wellington, 5th Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo, and his wife, Lillian. During her late teens, she dated (and was rumoured to be the fiancée of) Edward, Prince of Wales. In the winter of 1928, Anne was suffering from pneumonia whilst the Prince was touring Africa and he is said to have received coded radio bulletins in regard to her health. Rumours of their engagement were later officially denied by Buckingham Palace.

On 23 March 1933, Anne married Hon. David Rhys, the youngest son of the 7th Baron Dynevor. The couple had two children, Llewelyn Arthur (1935–2005) and Elizabeth Maud (b. 1937) before divorcing in 1963. Her brother, Henry had inherited their father's titles in 1941 and on his death almost two years later, Anne inherited the Spanish Dukedom of Ciudad Rodrigo and the honour of Grandee (which had been awarded to her ancestor, the 1st Duke and was able to pass through the female line), whilst the British dukedom passed to her uncle, Gerald. She became the 7th Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo and her husband became Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo. Anne ceded the dukedom to her uncle in 1949.

Spanish nobility
Preceded by
Henry Wellesley
Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo
Succeeded by
Gerald Wellesley


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