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Anne Roumanoff, 2011.

Anne Roumanoff (born 25 September 1965 in Paris) is a French humorist and actress.

Career as humorist[edit]

At age 12, she attended her first theater school. After studying at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, in the same class as Laurence Parisot, David Pujadas, Jean-François Cope, Frédéric Beigbeder and Isabelle Giordano, she began at 22, in 1987, in the TV broadcast La Classe on France 3, alongside Fabrice, Lagaf' and Jean-Marie Bigard. She became famous for her one-woman shows.

In 1991, Anne Roumanoff became part of the team of French TV show Rien à cirer on France Inter with Laurent Ruquier. In 1998, she celebrated her ten-year career at the Olympia.

In 2001, she was the French voice of Coco la bouche in the animated feature Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. In 2003, her show Follement Roumanoff had a 13-month run at the Bobino Theater in Paris, then she started a tour in France and Quebec. In 2007, she celebrated her 20-year career with Anne a 20 ans at the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens in Paris. From September 2007, she made a comic forum on the news, entitled On ne nous dit pas tout in the show Vivement Dimanche, hosted by Michel Drucker.[1]

Personal life[edit]

She has a husband and two daughters, Alice and Marie.[2]

Her grandparents on one side were Ashkenazi Jews from Russia, and she has a grandmother from Morocco who was the granddaughter of Rabbi Haim Cohen of Fes.[3]



  • 1989 : La Passion de Bernadette, by Jean Delannoy
  • 1990 : Promotion canapé, by Didier Kaminka
  • 1991 : Le Fils du Mékong, by François Leterrier
  • 1992 : Une journée chez ma mère, by Dominique Cheminal
  • 1995 : Golden Boy, by Jean Pierre Vergne
  • 2000 : Rugrats in Paris, by Stig Bergqvist

TV films[edit]

  • 1990 : Cavale, by Serge Meynard
  • 1991 : Vacances au purgatoire, by Marc Simenon
  • 1996 : Des mouettes dans la tête, by Bernard Malaterre
  • 1996 : Le censeur du lycée d'Épinal, by Marc Rivière
  • 1997 : Une patronne de charme, by Bernard Uzan
  • 2000 : Sa mère la pute, by Brigitte Rouan
  • 2005 : L'homme qui voulait passer à la télé, by Amar Arhab and Pascal Legitimus
  • 2005 : La famille Zapon, by Amar Arhab


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