Anne Wingate

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Anne Wingate
Anne Wingate at CONduit 17.png
Wingate at CONduit 17 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Born Martha Anne Guice
Pen name Lee Martin
Martha G. Webb
Occupation writer
police detective (ret.)
Nationality American
Genre mystery, fantasy, romance, mainstream

Anne Wingate, born in 1943 as Martha Anne Guice,[1] is a mystery writer currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of her mysteries are set somewhere within Texas.[2] She is an adult convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this sometimes shows in her works. She grew up in the Disciples of Christ Church.[2][3][4]

In January 2006, Wingate was brought into the media spotlight because her adopted daughter, Alicia Wingate, was killed along with her boyfriend in a police shootout in Kansas. Her daughter was being sought in connection with the murder of man in Utah. Wingate, who spent many years as a crime scene investigator, says that on the basis of published information about the crime, she is certain that if Alicia had had her day in court, it would have taken approximately 15 minutes to prove her innocence of the crime.[5][6]

Wingate is partner, with her husband Thomas Russell Wingate, in Wingate & Wingate, Writers ( She is sole proprietor of Live Oak House, an e-publishing company which has published her fantasies and romances as well as books by numerous other writers including all three of her other children. At writers' conferences she tells of having ten times sent her son's novel back to be rewritten until he finally figured out what he was talking about.

Wingate also writes under the pseudonyms Lee Martin and Martha G. Webb.[1][7][8]


Listed in reverse chronological order by year, with newest at top.


These novels are part of the "Mark Shigata Mystery" series, about a detective in Bayport, Texas.

As Lee Martin[edit]

These are all part of the "Deb Ralston Mystery" series, about an LDS detective in Fort Worth, Texas.

As Martha G. Webb[edit]


These are anthologies containing one or more of Wingate's works.




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