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Anne de Chantraine (1605 – 17 October 1622) was one of the many people to be accused and burned for witchcraft in the Great Witch Hunts of the 17th century.[1]

Life and death[edit]

At the age of 17, she was burned in one of Waret-la-Chaussée (now central Belgium), Liège, or elsewhere in France.[2] French language works have covered her life and have been reviewed in such notable sources as TIME magazine.[3]

Scholarly analysis[edit]

Susan Petit writes, "Anne's life consists of a struggle for recognition which finally she can achieve only by being condemned as a witch. The girl is raised by a semi-vagrant and drunken father who turns her over to nuns when she reaches puberty.....Anne's life is a battle with insignificance, both in the sense of meaninglessness and that of unimportance....To be executed, for Anne, is to be acknowledged as a person, an adult, and someone important: she is the center of attention at her execution."[4]

In popular culture[edit]

Anne de Chantraine is a playable character in Nightmare/Atmosfear,[5][6] a series of interactive board games. She is a witch in the series, and has thus far appeared in all but two games.[7] She hosted the third installment of the series.[8]


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