Anneke Van Woudenberg

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Anneke Van Woudenberg
Anneke Van Woudenberg.jpg
Van Woudenberg in February 2013
Education London School of Economics
Occupation Human rights researcher
Employer Human Rights Watch

Anneke Van Woudenberg is a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, Africa Division.[1] She joined the organization in 2002, and focuses on humanitarian and human rights issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She provides reports on the situation in that nation, and regularly presents briefings to the United Nations Security Council, the British and European Parliament, and United States Congress. Van Woudenberg frequently appears in the international media, providing commentary on the situation, and has appeared on the American television show 60 Minutes.[2]

Van Woudenberg worked as a researcher for the British and Canadian parliaments then entered the private sector for six years, working at Andersen Consulting and large multinational banks.

Starting in 1999, she has also worked for Oxfam GB as Country Director.

Van Woudenberg attended the London School of Economics where she received her master's degree in international relations.[3]


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