Anneli Alhanko

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Anneli Alhanko

Anneli Elisabeth Alhanko Skoglund, born on December 11, 1953, in Bogotá, Colombia is a Swedish ballet dancer and actress. She is the daughter of the Finnish consul Erkki Alhanko, who was stationed in Colombia when she was born.

Alhanko was a dance student at Operabaletten, The Opera Ballet in Stockholm, Sweden. She is one of twelve in the world with the title prima ballerina assoluta.

Anneli Alhanko is aunt to the actress Josephine Alhanko, Miss Sweden 2006.

Alhanko is also one of the founders of the dance school Base 23 [1] which opened in Stockholm January 2010.

Appearances in films[edit]

  • 1984 - Abbalett
  • 1993 - Sista dansen
  • 1994 - Dansaren
  • 2000 - The Working of Utopia
  • 2002 - R.E.A. (Roligt. Elakt. Aktuellt.)



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