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Acht - Molen Annemie.jpg
Annemie in 2009
General information
StatusRijksmonument (14637)
AddressBoschdijk 1006
5627 AE, Eindhoven
Town or cityEindhoven
Coordinates51°28′52″N 5°26′09″E / 51.480994°N 5.435775°E / 51.480994; 5.435775Coordinates: 51°28′52″N 5°26′09″E / 51.480994°N 5.435775°E / 51.480994; 5.435775
DesignationsGristmill, currently Bed and breakfast
Database of Mills
De Hollandsche Molen

The Annemie is a windmill located on the Boschdijk 1006 in Eindhoven, in the province of North Brabant, Netherlands. Build in 1891 on an artificial hill, the windmill functioned as gristmill. The mill was built as a tower mill and its sails have a span of 25 meters (82 ft).[1] The mill is a national monument (nr 14637) since 15 August 1972.[2]


The Annemie was built in 1891 by Antonius van Himbergen from Bladel, who also buit De Roosdonck in Nuenen, and was since used as a gristmill. In 1957 the mill was refurnished as a house, the inner workings were removed, though main parts like the central axis and wheel were kept. In 1991 the mill was restored and after consecutive maintenance works between 2005 and 2019 the mill is presently in reasonable condition. The Annemie is privately owned and used as living accommodation as well as an office, so visits are not possible.



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