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Annick Ménardo is a contemporary perfumer who worked under the fragrance firm Firmenich since joining in 1991. Although she has a background in a wide base of sciences such as biochemistry and medicine, Annick Ménardo pursued perfumery as her subject of study and is a graduate of the French perfume academy ISIPCA. She was mentored under Michel Almayrac while working at Créations Aromatiques and her early work is influenced by his style[1]

Annick Ménardo is also known in her work with sculptor Nobi Shioya in his /7S/ olfactory art installation and created the scent for the sculpture "Anger". It is noted by Nobi that she was easily assigned to the piece "...because (she) is always angry."[2]


Annick Ménardo has created many notable perfumes including:[1][3]


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