Annie Belle

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Annie Belle
Annie Brilland

(1956-12-10) 10 December 1956 (age 62)
Other namesAnnie-Belle
Annie Bell
Annie Briand
OccupationActress (former)
Social worker
Years active1974–1989
Partner(s)Al Cliver (1975–1978)

Annie Brilland (born 10 December 1956) is a French actress and social worker. Her acting career began in 1974 and throughout the seventies, has had a series of varied roles in both French and Italian cinema, working with such directors as Jean Rollin,[1] Ruggero Deodato[2] and Joe D'Amato.[3][4]

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Belle was born in Paris, France and came from a family of engineers. Acting may have seemed to be an odd career choice for her when she was young but she was quite a natural at it. Belle's acting career began to take shape when she attended the Rue Blanche acting school in Paris under master Virilo. Belle explained this in an interview for the Italian book 99 Donne in the Nineties.


Belle had starred in her first role before she had turned eighteen, in the 1974 Jean Rollin film Tout le Monde il en a Deux (Bacchanales Sexuelles)[5] in which she only had a small role, but a memorable one. Rollin had loved working with Belle so he had decided to cast her in his 1975 film Lévres de Sang (Lips of Blood)[6] and that had been her only times working with the director. Not long after filming Lévres de Sang, Belle moved to Italy and for a brief time became one of the most in demand actresses in Italian exploitation cinema, with having starred in three major films in 1976 alone: Forever Emmanuelle,[7] Blue Belle and Velluto Nero. Blue Belle was one of the key points in Belle's career, a film in which she had a co-writing credit on, calling the director of the movie - Massimo Dallamano "a great professional and a talented man". One of Belle's most controversial films was Velluto Nero. Belle remembers Forever Emmanuelle as a "not very good" film.

In the early 1980s, Belle starred in Italian films The House on the Edge of the Park,[8][9] which Belle remembers as being very "cruel" and also very "interesting" and two Joe D'Amato films, Absurd[10][11] and L'alcova.

Personal problems slowed Belle's acting career down in the 1980s: in 1989 she starred in her final film Fuga dalla morte and then she retired from acting.[12][13]

Other work[edit]

Since returning to France, Belle went to school and received a degree in psychology[14] and is now a social worker for people diagnosed with mental illness.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Belle had a three-year relationship with actor Al Cliver, it lasted between 1975 and 1978. During which, they acted in four films together, Belle's three films from 1976, Forever Emmanuelle, Blue Belle and Velluto Nero and her 1977 film Un Giorno alla fine di Ottobre. After their split they occasionally acted together in films such as Molto di più and L'alcova.


Year Title Role Notes
1974 Tout le Monde il en a Deux Brigitte other titles - Bacchanalles Sexuelles, Fly Me the French Way (credited as Annie Brilland)
1974 Le Rallye des Joyeuses (credited as Annie Brilliand)
1975 Lèvres de Sang Jennifer other title - Lips of Blood (credited as Annie Briand)
1976 Forever Emmanuelle Laure other title - Laure
1976 Blue Belle Annie Belle other title - Edge of Innocence (also Co-Writer)
1976 Velluto Nero Pina other title - Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle
1977 Un Giorno alla fine di Ottobre
1977 Climax Ana
1977 Twilight of Love Dyanne other title - The Night of the High Tide
1977 Mogliamante Clara other title - Wifemistress
1979 Switch Dory
1980 La Compagna di Viaggio Jennifer
1980 The House on the Edge of the Park Lisa other title - La Casa Sperduta nel Parco
1981 Absurd Emily other titles - Rosso Sangue, Anthropophagus 2, Horrible
1982 Nana, the True Key of Pleasure Rennée de Chéselles
1982 That Night in Varennes prostitute with green stockings
1982 Tiger Joe Kia
1982 Liar's Moon Nurce Nancy (credited as Annie Bell)
1982 Pronto...Lucia
1983 Zampognaro Innamorato
1983 L'ammiratrice
1983 Al Bar dello Sport Martine - the French prostitute
1983 O' Surdato 'Nnammurato Daniela
1984 Uccelli d'Italia the second slapping actress
1984 L'Alcova Wilma other title - The Alcove
1986 La Venexiana
1987 La Croce dalle Sette Pietre Maria
1989 Fuga dalla Morte Brigitte Garré (credited as Annie Bell)
Year Title Role Notes
1981 La Nouvelle malle des Indes Angèle TV mini-series
1982 Storia d'Amore e d'Amicizia Marlene TV series
1983 Il Passo Falso TV movie
1984 Quei 36 Gradini TV mini-series
1985 Quo Vadis? Myriam TV mini-series
1988 A Time of Indifference [it] TV mini-series


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