Annie Dalton

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Annie Dalton
Born 18 January 1948
Dorset, England
Occupation Novelist
Nationality British
Notable works Afterdark series, Agent Angel series

Annie Dalton, born 18 January 1948 in Dorset, is a British children's author, perhaps best known for writing the Agent Angel series, formerly known as the Angels Unlimited series, and now retitled The Angel Academy.


Dalton grew up as an only child in the English countryside during the 1950s. Her father was not always around, but when he was, he would tell her fantastic stories, often with her as the principal character. Her father left the family for good. Dalton missed him and his stories, which led her to the fantasy section at her local library, thus sparking lifelong love of fiction.[1]

After undertaking jobs such as waitressing, cleaning and factory work,[2] Dalton went on to study at University of Warwick and soon started writing.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Dalton now lives in Norfolk. She has three children, Anna, Reuben and Maria (the inspiration for the first Angels Unlimited book, Winging It), and two grandchildren, Sophie and Isabelle.[2]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Annie Dalton's books Night Maze and The Real Tilly Beany were shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. The After Dark Princess won the Nottinghamshire Book Award, while Naming the Dark and Swan Sister were on the shortlist for the Sheffield Children's Book Award.[2]

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