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Annie Hill
Born1955 (age 62–63)
  • Pete Hill (div. 2001)
  • Trevor Robertson

Annie Hill (born 1955) is an English sailor. She is best known as an author of books and articles about sailboat voyaging, living on a small amount of money, and sailing junk rigs.


Annie Hill was born in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, Europe.[citation needed]

Hill has been voyaging and living aboard various sailing yachts since 1975. Her book Voyaging on a Small Income is a study in the economics of continual travel and self-sufficiency. Hill writes using distinct British vernacular and colloquialisms.[citation needed]

Hill's first two books concerned voyaging aboard Badger, a 34-foot (10 m) double-ended dory with a two-masted junk rig of the schooner style, which was built by Annie and her first husband, Pete Hill. Badger was designed by Jay Benford for plywood construction. Annie's analysis and comparison of the modern junk rig is at least partly responsible for the recent re-popularization of the junk rig.[citation needed]

Annie Hill continued her sailing aboard Iron Bark, a 35-foot (11 m) steel gaff cutter. She and Pete divorced in 2001. She now travels with her second husband, Trevor Robertson. In 2004 and 2005, they spent the winter on Iron Bark frozen in a remote bay in Greenland.[citation needed] She is now based in New Zealand, where she lives aboard a 26-foot (8 m) fibreglass boat, Fantail, which she converted to a junk rig in 2011.

Annie has covered more than 165,000 nautical miles (306,000 km; 190,000 mi) under sail. In March 2010, she and Trevor received one of the most prestigious awards in the sailing world, the Blue Water Medal of the Cruising Club of America.[1]


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