Annie McCarrick

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Annie McCarrick
Annie Bridget McCarrick

(1966-03-21)March 21, 1966
DisappearedMarch 26, 1993 (aged 27)
Dublin, Ireland
StatusMissing for 26 years, 7 months and 21 days
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
  • John McCarrick (father)
  • Nancy McCarrick (mother)

Annie Bridget McCarrick (born March 21, 1966)[1][2] is a missing American woman from Long Island, New York who went missing under suspicious circumstances on March 26, 1993, while she was residing in Ireland.[3]


McCarrick was born on Long Island, New York and she lived there until her move to Ireland in January 1987.[2][4] McCarrick disappeared on March 26, 1993.[5] She had left her apartment in Dublin, Ireland so that she could go to the Wicklow Mountains for the day. She had asked a friend to accompany her but her friend declined. CCTV captured images of McCarrick in the Allied Irish Bank location in Sandymount, where she was seen withdrawing money from her bank account. She did some shopping at Quinnsworth supermarket before returning to her apartment at 3:00pm. She was seen on a bus at about 3:40pm in Ranelagh.[1] During nighttime between the time of 9:00 and 11:00 pm, someone had claimed to have seen her at a pub called Johnnie Fox's in Glencullen talking to a young man who was wearing a wax jacket. The woman who was sighted by someone at the pub was believed to be McCarrick. McCarrick had gone to see an Irish music and dancing show that was a traditional event called the Hooley Show, but McCarrick did not realise there was a cover charge. McCarrick's male friend then paid for her, and continued to keep paying for her during her entire time there. Nobody saw either McCarrick or her male friend leave the pub, and the man's identity was never discovered. Since it was dark and wet outside, people question if she would have walked all the way to Enniskerry, which was 6 km away.[5]

Investigation and aftermath[edit]

Numerous searches by authorities in Ireland have turned up nothing in McCarrick's disappearance. The authorities focused their search on the Wicklow Mountains and wider Leinster area as many women have gone missing there since 1990.[1] Gardaí believe that McCarrick was murdered by the same serial killer involved in the other disappearances.[2] In 1995, in a new book called Missing, Presumed by a detective named Sergeant Alan Bailey, it was revealed that an IRA killer and child abuser was established as a "credible suspect" in the disappearance of McCarrick.[6][7] In 2008 the case was reopened.[8]

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