Annie Morrill Smith

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Annie Morrill Smith
Born February 13, 1856
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died 1946

Annie Morrill Smith (February 13, 1856 – 1946) was a botanist and bryologist from Brooklyn. She was a largely self-taught amateur who became important to the Sullivant Moss Society.[1] From 1906 to 1911 she acted as the sole editor of The Bryologist.[2] She also published a number of important genealogical books.

Sullivant Moss Society[edit]

When she was young, Annie Morrill Smith had studied botany abroad, and became interested in bryophytes and lichens. She was acquanted with Elizabeth Gertrude Britton and Abel Joel Grout, cofounders of the Sullivant Moss Society. After her husband died in 1899, Annie Morrill Smith became "Associate Editor" of The Bryologist, the publication of the Society. In 1905, she became the formal editor, and served in this role until 1911. During this time she used much of her personal wealth to keep the Society solvent. She served as Treasurer of the Society for 10 years; she was Vice President for seven years; and President for two years.


Her attention to detail made her a natural genealogist. She published a number of important books, including:

  • Morrill Kindred in America
  • Ancestors of Henry Montgomery Smith and Catherine Forshee
  • From One Generation To Another