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Portrait of Annie Payson Call

Annie Payson Call (1853–1940) was a Waltham author. She wrote several books and published articles in Ladies' Home Journal.[1] Many articles are reprinted in her book "Nerves and Common Sense".

The common theme of her work is mental health.


Source: New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors[2]

  • Regeneration Of The Body (1888)
  • As A Matter Of Course (1894)
  • The Freedom Of Life (1905)
  • Man Of The World (1905)
  • Every Day Living (1906)
  • How To Live Quietly (1914)
  • Power Through Repose (1891)
  • Nerves And Common Sense (1909)
  • Brain Power For Business Men (1911)
  • Nerves And The War (1918)

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