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Annie Wu
Born1988 (age 29–30)
Alma materMaryland Institute College of Art (BFA, Illustration, 2010)
OccupationComic book artist
Home townCentral Florida

Annie Wu (born 1988)[1] is an American comic book creator who has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Vertigo (Comics). She has done work on Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and is a storyboard artist for Adult Swim's The Venture Bros.[2]

Early life[edit]

Annie Wu grew up in central Florida and graduated magna cum laude from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010.[3]


Wu was the artist on the DC Comics series Black Canary that debuted in June 2015. Wu drew seven of the twelve issues that were published before the series' cancellation.[4]


Archie Comics[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

  • Batman Beyond Unlimited #18 (2013)[6]
  • Batman Beyond: Batgirl Beyond (2014)
  • Black Canary (ongoing) (2015)[7]

Marvel Comics[edit]

  • Hawkeye (#14, #16, #19, #20, #21) (2013-2015)[8]
  • Young Avengers #14 (2013)

Vertigo Comics[edit]


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