Annie Yi

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Annie Yi
Annie Yi.jpg
Chinese name 伊能靜
Pinyin Yī Néngjìng (Mandarin)
Birth name Wu Jingyi (吳靜怡)
Born (1969-03-04) March 4, 1969 (age 46)
Taipei, Taiwan
Spouse(s) Harlem Yu (2000–2009)
Qin Hao (m. 2015)
Children Daughter: Lu Ziyi (b. 2001)
Son: Harrison Yu (b. 2002)

Annie Yi (Chinese: 伊能靜; pinyin: Yī Néngjìng; Japanese: Inō Shizuka; born March 4, 1969), also known as Annie Shizuka Inoh, is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and writer. Born Wu Jingyi (simplified Chinese: 吴静怡; traditional Chinese: 吳靜怡; pinyin: Wú Jìngyí) in Taipei, Taiwan, she changed her name to Inō Shizuka after her mother remarried a Japanese man, and then simplified her new name to Yi Nengjing upon returning to Taiwan in 1988 to launch her singing career. In 2010, she was selected as a judge for the television series China's Got Talent.


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