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Annie Yi
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Background information
Chinese name伊能靜 (traditional)
Chinese name伊能静 (simplified)
PinyinYī Néngjìng (Mandarin)
BornWu Jingyi (吳靜怡)
(1969-03-04) 4 March 1969 (age 49)
Taipei, Taiwan
  • Singer
  • actress
Years active1986–present
Associated actsFang Wen-lin, Donna Chiu, Liu Wen-cheng, Eric Moo
Spouse(s)Harlem Yu (2000–2009)
Qin Hao (m. 2015)
ChildrenSon: Harrison Yu (b. 2002)
Daughter: Cindy (b. 2016)
AncestryJi'nan, Shandong, China

Annie Yi (Chinese: 伊能靜; pinyin: Yī Néngjìng; Shizuka Inoh (Japanese: イノウシズカ, Inō Shizuka); born March 4, 1969), also known as Annie Shizuka Inoh, is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and writer. Born Wu Jingyi (simplified Chinese: 吴静怡; traditional Chinese: 吳靜怡; pinyin: Wú Jìngyí) in Taipei, Taiwan, she changed her name to Shizuka Inō (Japanese: イノウシズカ; also spelled Inou Shizuka or Inoh Shizuka) after her mother remarried a Japanese man, and then simplified her new name to Yi Nengjing upon returning to Taiwan in 1988 to launch her singing career. In 2010, she was selected as a judge for the television series China's Got Talent.



Year English title Original title Role Notes
1987 Naughty Cadets on Patrol 大頭兵出擊
1989 Emergency Police Lady 霹靂警花 Yin Xiaojun
1995 Good Men, Good Women 好男好女 Liang Ching
1996 Goodbye South, Goodbye 南國再見,南國 Preztel
1997 Gun with Love 我血我情 Yingying
Wolves Cry Under the Moon 國道封閉 Jade
1998 Flowers of Shanghai 海上花 Golden Flower
1999 8½ Women Simato English-language film
2006 Fifteen-Minute Angel 天使一刻鐘 Yu Luoxin TV film
2007 Call for Love 爱情呼叫转移 Liang Huijun
Crossed Lines 命运呼叫转移 Doctor Lü Segment 4: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (山难)
2010 Secret Battleground 孤島秘密戰
Ancient Town Affection 古镇情缘 Ye Bei
Will Tomorrow Ever Come 明天是否来临 Xinming
2011 Coming Back 回马枪 Min Yue
Perfect Baby 巴黎宝贝 Rose
My Kingdom 大武生 Xiaoyu
2012 The Assassins 銅雀臺 Fu Shou
2013 Better and Better 越来越好之村晚 Chief interviewer
The Palace 宮鎖沈香 Empress Xiaojingxian
Timeless Love 时光恋人 Meng Xinyi
The Empire Symbol 帝国秘符 Ayako Ono
2015 The Queens 我是女王 Melissa also director, co-writer, and co-producer

TV series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
1991 The 700-Million Bride 七億新娘 Jiang Xujie
1997 Portrait of a Fanatic 情在艰难岁月中 Fu Lu
1998 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 明天有你 Tian Jingzi
2000 April Rhapsody 人間四月天 Lu Xiaoman
The Voices Within 心灵物语 Su Huimin
2001 Poor Prince 貧窮貴公子 Lingzi
Married Off to Japan 远嫁日本 Zhou Mingli
2002 In Love 偷偷愛上你 Ni Chunchun
2003 A Leaf in the Storm 風聲鶴唳 Zhang Wanxin
Painting Soul 畫魂 Xia Mengying
2005 Lovelorn High Heels 失戀高跟鞋 Zhang Ning
2006 The Life and Death Love 生死绝恋 Yang Yinghong
Concubines of the Qing Emperor 大清後宮 Consort Xiang
2007 Sad Songs of the Qinhuai River 秦淮悲歌 Liu Rushi
2008 The Spirit of the Sword 浣花洗劍錄 Princess Tuochen
The Long River East Flows 長河東流 Yuniang
2009 Love Tribulations 鎖清秋 Li Yue'e
Fuego 狼烟 Lu Peipei
The Young Lawyer Ji Xiaolan 少年訟師紀曉嵐 Wu Shishi
Three Women's Secret 三个女人的秘密
Great Porcelain Merchant 大瓷商 Wei Qiuhe


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