Annihilation of Expectation

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Annihilation of Expectation
Annihilation of Expectation.jpeg
EP (Split album) by The Knife Trade/Through the Eyes of the Dead
Released 2005
Recorded November 2004
Genre Metalcore/Deathcore
Length 36:17
Label Lovelost Records
Producer Jamie King
Through the Eyes of the Dead chronology
The Scars of Ages (EP)
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Annihilation of Expectation

Annihilation of Expectation was a split recorded by melodic death metal band The Knife Trade (who contributed the first five tracks) and deathcore act Through the Eyes of the Dead (who contributed the final five tracks).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" 1:21
2. "The Silent Life" 3:47
3. "Mortification Under Scarlet Skies" 3:53
4. "Resurrection" 3:23
5. "Off With Their Heads" 4:51
6. "Intro" 0:53
7. "Abyssal Creation" 4:10
8. "Reconstruction Of The Female Anatomy" 3:50
9. "Erratic Perception" 4:11
10. "Truest Shade Of Crimson" 6:02
Total length: 36:17


The Knife Trade
  • Joey Stiletto - Vocals
  • Ryan Knight - Guitar
  • Ryan McCullough - Guitar
  • Daniel Shroyer - Bass
  • Nate Lumbra - Drums
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
  • Anthony Gunnells - Vocals
  • Justin Longshore - Guitar
  • Chris Anderson - Guitar
  • Jeff Springs - Bass
  • Dayton Cantley - Drums


  • Ryan Knight, guitarist for The Knife Trade, would go on to join Arsis, and later go on to join The Black Dahlia Murder.
  • This album is Through The Eyes of The Dead's last album released on Lovelost Records.