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Annika Urvikko (born November 17, 1990) is a Finnish artistic gymnast. She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics.[1]

Urvikko started gymnastics hobby in 1997. He rose to the junior national team in 2004 and the A-team a year later. His coach is a Russian Igor Tšerepov and Riitta Harju-Villamo. Urvikon choreography makes Maiju Missokia.

World Cup pre-regattas podium Urvikko has risen to six, in addition to which he has repeatedly reached the top eight gymnast finals. The international value of the World Cup in the best Urvikon ranked 20th place in the four-match Birmingham championships in 2010 and jumping the Berlin championships in 2011. Aarhus World Championships in 2006, he was involved in 26 th installation positioned in the Finnish team. The 2011 Summer Universiade she was jumping qualifier sixth and a four-match qualifier for 17 s, but withdrew from the final races due to injury.

After being the best Finnish woman in the 2011 World Championships. Urvikko reached only Finnish postgraduate qualification place in London Summer Olympics. Postgraduate Qualifying Competition he achieved a personal Olympic site. Postgraduate Qualifying Competition he achieved a personal Olympic site. Before Urvikkoa Finnish stand gymnasts most recently competed in the Olympic level is Mauno Nissinen, who gymnasts in Munich 40 years before. Finnish women gymnasts stand by while the competition last time the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. Urvikko four women receiving a qualifier match 48.815 points, which is not sufficient for the final location.

Urvikko studying sports pedagogy in Jyväskylä, Finland.

PM medals Urvikko has won three gold, one silver and three bronze. Northern European Championship Urvikko has won two gold, three silver and one bronze. Urvikon great-grandfather, a wrestler Vihtori Urvikko participated in Stockholm the 1912 Summer Olympics. Annika Urvikko father Jouko Urvikko played ice hockey top division at the national level, and his father was playing Association Football.


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