Annla Gearra as Proibhinse Ard Macha

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Annla Gearra as Proibhinse Ard Macha, in English The Short Annals of Armagh, is an Irish text contained in British Library, Additional manuscripts 30512, compiled c. 1460-75.

The Annala Gearra Ard Macha covers events in Irish history from the lifetime of Lóegaire mac Néill (died c. 462) to 1134 ("In bliadhain post ec Muircertaig comarba Patraic {folio 40vb} & abdaine do gabail do Niall & ordned Mailmedoc hUi Morgair & rl—."). The manuscript was penned by Iollan Mac an Leagha, a professional scribe.

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