Anno (series)

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Developers Max Design
Related Designs
Blue Byte
Keen Games
Kaiko GmbH
Publishers Sunflowers Interactive
Disney Interactive Studios
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Nintendo DS
Web browser
Platform of origin Microsoft Windows
Year of inception 1998
First release Anno 1602
24 September 1998
Latest release Anno 2205
3 November 2015

Anno is a real-time strategy video game series with business simulation and city building elements. It involves colony building and resource management on a series of small islands. It includes aspects of exploration, combat, diplomacy and trade. It is developed by various developers and currently published by Ubisoft.


Main series[edit]

Title Year Notes
Anno 1602: Creation of a New World 1998 released in the U.S. and Australia as 1602 A.D.
Anno 1503 2003 released in the U.S. as 1503 A.D.: The New World
Anno 1701 2006 also marketed as 1701 A.D.
Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon 2007 expansion pack
Anno 1404 2009 released in the U.S. as Dawn of Discovery
Anno 1404: Venice 2010 expansion pack
Anno 2070 2011
Anno 2070: Deep Ocean 2012 expansion pack
Anno 2205 2015 released 3 November 2015


A video game for the Nintendo DS, and spin-off of the series.

A video game for the Nintendo DS and the Wii, known in North America as Dawn of Discovery.

A free-to-play browser game.

For Android and iOS platforms.

  • Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner (2015)

For Android and iOS platforms.

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