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Annual Reviews
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Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationPalo Alto, California
Publication typesAcademic journals
Nonfiction topicsMedicine, natural sciences, and social sciences
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Annual Reviews is a nonprofit journal publisher of 51 review series in specific disciplines in science and social science[1] based in Palo Alto, California.

Each review series contains 12 to 40 authoritative comprehensive review articles, covering the major journal articles on a specific topic during the preceding few years. The major topics in each subject are covered every few years, and special topics appear as appropriate. The reviews are widely used in teaching and research, and serve the purposes both of current awareness and introduction to a new subject. Since in scientific literature it is customary to cite in detail the sources only since the most recent review, these periodicals are among the highest ranking journals in impact factor for their subjects, as shown in the publisher's table.[2] The reviews are written in a compact narrative style, with a minimum of descriptive text for each article covered. Many authors provide lists of summary points and future issues. The length of each review and the number of articles covered vary widely depending on both the topic and the preferences of the author. The articles are written by invitation to the authors, who are accepted authorities on the material covered.


Annual Review of Biochemistry[edit]

The Annual Review of Biochemistry was created by J. Murray Luck.[3] Luck was designing a biochemistry course at Stanford University and struggled to find review articles of the latest research.[4]: 2  Luck asked about 50 biochemists in the US, United Kingdom, and Canada if an annual volume of critical reviews on biochemistry research would be useful, to which he received positive responses.[4] Stanford University Press agreed to publish the journal on a three-year contract, with financial assistance from the Chemical Foundation.[4] Stanford University gave the journal rent-free office space in 1931 for editorial and business operations.[5]: 6  The first volume was published in July 1932.[5]: 3 

At the completion of the contract with Stanford University Press, the advisory committee of the journal assumed a legal identity as the journal's publisher while keeping Stanford University Press as its printer. On December 12, 1934, they submitted articles of incorporation with the California Secretary of State to create Annual Review of Biochemistry, Ltd., which was organized as a nonprofit.[5]: 3  In February 1938, the name was changed to Annual Reviews, Inc.[4]


Many series are available as a bound annual volume; subscriptions are sold for the print version, online version, or both, or as individual articles purchased online. They are also available as a database consisting of some or all of the series, with site licenses available. The back years of the entire collection can be purchased for a one-time price. Effective January 2008, purchasing a subscription includes online access that entitles you to permanent data rights to that volume regardless of future subscription status. Customers with 2007 online subscriptions will retain access to the volumes that they have previously purchased. In 2017 and 2018, the Annual Review of Public Health was available without subscription; the 2019 volume requires a subscription, but earlier volumes remain open access.

List of titles[edit]

Years in parentheses indicate the first year of publication. As of 2020, the publications included the following:





  • Annual Review of Developmental Psychology (2019)






  • Knowable Magazine (2017)










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