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Annual training refers to the yearly training period conducted by all National Guard and Reserve components of the United States military pursuant to law and military service directives.

Usually advertised as two weeks each year that personnel must attend, annual training periods have increased to as much as month-long events during the Iraq War. This training may be conducted at the home unit, a reserve unit's supported active duty command, a NTC (national training center), or any other appropriate location. The purpose is to maintain and improve the skill level of the individual with some real military experience of work or exercise under supervision. Training can be at giving locations in the Continental United States or abroad with the home unit or any other unit of the military for support. Any other additional dates will be considered another 15 days from another fiscal year and will be given back to back for the total amount of 30 days of annual training.

Also, Annual Training(AT) can be before or after any additional orders Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW)in addition with Annual Training or in conjunction with Annual Training. ADSW can be from one day to 365 consecutive days, or 2 to 3 years maximum provide leave accumulated is paid or granted during the period.