Ano Liosia Olympic Hall

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Ano Liosia Olympic Hall
AnoLiosiaOlympicHall 01.jpg
LocationAno Liosia, Athens, Greece
Coordinates38°04′54″N 23°41′12″E / 38.08167°N 23.68667°E / 38.08167; 23.68667Coordinates: 38°04′54″N 23°41′12″E / 38.08167°N 23.68667°E / 38.08167; 23.68667
CapacityHandball: 9,300
Construction cost€84 million euros (2004 money)

Ano Liosia Olympic Hall was used to host to judo and wrestling at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.[1] The arena seats up to 9,300, but only 6,000 seats were made available for the Olympics. The hall is situated in Ano Liosia, a suburb northwest of central Athens. It can be used as a multi-sport and multi-purpose arena.[2]


After the Olympics, the venue became the site of various television productions, including the Greek version of the reality show So You Think You Can Dance.[3] It is the future home of the Hellenic Academy of Culture and Hellenic Digital Archive.[4][5]

From 19 May to 6 June 2010, the arena hosted the Greek national Ice Hockey Championships for both men and women.


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